Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Whole Different Kind of Naughty

A dear friend has written a confessional about leaving the Mormon church...and let me tell you, some of what she's been through is pretty seriously fucked up. I don't normally push things (pun intended) that aren't UBER-NAUGHTY, but this is it's own kind of twisted, and I just HAD to throw her a marketing bone. Please check out her book here; it's only $4.99 for some of the most amazing stuff you can imagine. (Seriously, who knew that Mormons technically believe God is an alien on a world by the planet Kolab? WTF?!)

Need me to sweeten the deal? Buy it, and then email her at inlamregina@gmail.com with the title of the last section of her book and your email addy. I'll give her a code to email back to you to download a brand new story for free...and in her honor, it'll be a Mormon Multiple Wives + Electrician story! ;) Give me 'til April 1st, 2013 to get it up on smashwords, buy the book, email her with the info, and the code is YOURS.

(PS: She says she's been flooded with email since the release, so when you email, put NAUGHTY MOMMY in the subject line and she'll reply with your code after 4-1-13.) ;)

Stay naughty, and support a great cause! NM