Naughty Mommy's Fantasy Collection: Co-Workers

It wasn’t difficult to drug their ice cream; after all, I paid for it. I paid for most everything when I was out with the two of them. I didn’t use MY money, of course, but that didn’t matter. As long as they believe I was shelling out my cash, they were impressed and ready to head to lunch next time. Always the gentleman, they thought. I opened doors – car and entrance – offered to drive, walked on the outside of the sidewalk closest to traffic… all the right things. And they loved it.
One was a blonde…big fake boobs, tiny waist, the whole Orange County thing. The other was a petite brunette, slim, trim, and proportionate. My wife paled in comparison to both, but she was happy because I told her she was happy…and it worked. All thanks to the meds my work compadre had offered me.
I told him it wasn’t possible – they’d never work – but he gave me some to take home and try on my wife, and in no time she was letting me do things to her – begging me to do things to her – that she’d shied away from before. I was shocked, but I was thrilled…and I needed more. I suppose you could say I became an addict. Power like that was hard to come by, and my friend had an endless (albeit expensive) supply. I never asked where he got it or how it worked. I just used it.
But I’d never used it on anyone I worked with until today. The blonde ordered butter pecan, the brunette mint chip, and neither gave a second thought to the almost-invisible layer of odorless, tasteless powder strewn across the top of their cones.
Within 10 minutes, they’d devoured it all.
Within 20 minutes, we were halfway back to the office, and they were both looking a little drowsy.
Within half an hour, we were sitting alone in the conference room, just the three of us, and Blondie had her head on the table; Brunette was out cold, too, leaning back in her chair. I got up quietly and bolted the door.
A few simple words and their subconscious minds absorbed everything. I was in control. I was their master, and they were both bisexual sluts ready and willing to do any and everything that I commanded. You’d never have been able to tell they were entranced; they looked awake, acted awake…the only difference was that their actions defied their natures.
First came their clothes. Blondie stripped off her gray button-up jacket, dropped her too-short-for-work skirt, and freed her massive tits from her bustier. They were every bit as big as she unconsciously boasted with her clothing choices, and though her nipples were a little larger than average, I was still looking forward to suckling them. I had her wait to peel off her purple panties until Brunette was finished stripping.
Brunette shed her work slacks and set to unbuttoning her crimson blouse. She had on a see-through lace bra, and, I noted happily, the panties to match. I wasn’t interested in her shoes – to conservative – so I had her take them off, but ordered Blondie to leave hers on: tall, strappy heels always did it for me. Brunette’s boobs were released from their bonds, and were a nice, comfortable B…great shape, perfect nips, and I wanted to fondle them. I could feel my cock bulging in my pants.
Blondie shed her panties, and I discovered something amazing: she was a natural blonde. Those were hard to come by. Brunette’s turn came around, and she dropped her panties, too, revealing a completely shaved puss. I was surprised, but not shocked…and still looking forward to penetrating her pussy lips with my shaft.
I had the girls undress me completely, refusing to do any of the work myself. They obliged…and they were excited. Once naked, I ordered Blondie to make out with me and fondle my balls while Brunette went down on my cock; she had on this awesome shade of dark pink lipstick, and I wanted to see what my wife would say when she saw a lipstick ring around the base of my shaft.  I knew that I could tell her to like it, tell her she thought it was hot, and make her want to get herself off thinking about it…and she would. Brunette licked up and down my shaft, swirling her tongue around my head while Blondie gently toyed with my balls, and I had a tongue in my mouth and a tongue on my cock. Brunette’s mouth was warm and wet and she sucked me like a whore, but I wasn’t ready to come yet, so I ordered her to put her lips to use sucking one of Blondie’s tits; I suckled the other. I can’t explain how hot it was to flick some suddenly-slut’s nipple with my tongue and feel that right next to me a woman was pleasuring the other one. So fucking hot…but I decided I could leave the tits to ‘Nette. I had her climb up onto the conference table to keep toying with Blondie’s tits while Blondie laid back, her ass at the table’s edge.
Blondie was unbelievably wet – and unbelievably horny – and it felt fabulous pushing my cock into her waiting slit, slowly, carefully into her tight passage. She moaned the whole time, and whether it was from her friend’s attention to her tits or my cock in her pussy, it didn’t matter. I started to thrust into her – hard – and enjoyed the sensation of a new pussy around my cock as I watched her make out with her coworker. Between kisses and heaving breaths she begged me to go faster, to pump harder, and suddenly I felt her coming around my cock, gripping it, stroking it with her pussy, coaxing me to orgasm…but I wanted Brunette.
I pulled out of Blondie, leaving her gasping, still in the throes of orgasm, and grabbed Brunette by the ankles, yanking her to the edge of the table. I bent her over the nearest chair, thrusting my aching cock into her wicked-tight pussy in one hard shove. She groaned my name, begging me to fuck her, and I started to thrust into her over and over while I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. The moment she felt me messing with her breasts, she started to thrust her hips back against me, and I would’ve been completely lost in the moment but for Blondie’s continued moaning as she came down off her orgasm and stroked her own massive chest. It was so hot, watching her play with her nipples…but then Brunette reached back between her legs to fondle my balls and squeeze the base of my shaft, and I lost it. I ground my cock against her backside, stretching her as far as she could go, filling her with my length, and suddenly I was coming. She began to scream, thrown over the edge by my desperate thrusting, and I felt her coming around my shaft as I exploded into her. She collapsed against the chair moaning, shaking from the power of her orgasm, and I pulled my underwear back on, sitting back in my own conference chair to bask in the sensations I could still feel in my cock. Two fabulous new pussies in one day.
I ordered the girls to clean up and dress, then commanded them both to divvy up my work and get back to business. They would remember nothing unless I reminded them, and would fall back into their trances when I ordered it to be so. Otherwise they would do my work for me, stay late whenever necessary, and be sure to wear sexy clothes, matching bras and panties, and nice heels to work, never thinking twice about their work hours or wardrobes.
I really owed my friend, I thought, and reminded myself to drop him a line to say thanks again…and to put in another order. I’d have my wife pay for it and pick it up…and while she was at it, find me an 18 year-old or two for the next dose. Man, this is good stuff.